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Sunday, 16 May 2010

the winner : - )

I would just like to thank every one who did my 1st give away , and for all your really lovely comments for my grandad : -)
if you didnt win this time please not that i will be having a give away next month too on june 12th keep a look out then ..
right back to the winner 
there was 693  buttons in the jar 
so the person who was the nearest issssss .... Ali from with love cupcake and biscuits 
so ali the 693 buttons will be on there way to your home tomorrow thank you again : -)


  1. Well done Ali! Lovely buttons!

  2. Jade!! NO WAY!!!
    I just ran around my house screaming "I won the buttons! I won the buttons!" with my boys running in wondering what all the fuss is. My goodness, 693 buttons......aah!!! I think after my sign of the devil guess I did indeed have the luck of the devil!!!
    Thank you so much you lovely lady!

  3. your very welcome and well done : - ) im glad they make you as happy as me .. i think buttons are the best . xxxxx