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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


what a great day : - )
i got to our cafe mid morgnin to see how things where going and mum said ohh i forgot this morning a box came for you .... oooohhh WOW its my swap gift from helen at:

i ripped it open and just didnt even know where to start lots of lovely gifts all wrapped up in very pretty yellow paper tied with string looking all spring/summer .. so many lovely crafty bits i cant even breath : - ) 
helen thank you so much for your swap gift its so fab .

my fav thing out of all by far (but i do love it all very much ) is my lovely hand made ribbon heart I LOVE IT SO MUCH , i couldnt wait to get back home and hang it up 

Helen thank you again your very kind .. xxxx


  1. your ribbon heart is absolutely beautiful, I haven't seen one of these before. what a very special swap.

  2. What a parcel ! and that lovely heart looks great hung in your window, lucky you x

  3. You are very welcome Jade, it seemed appropriate to make something with your ribbons!xx

  4. helen i may order a few of your lovely hearts soon : - ) do you have a online shop? jade xxx

  5. gorgeous heart.
    yellow text quite difficult for an oldie like me to read though. xx

  6. Hi Jade - I haven't ventured into online selling (I find the whole idea a little daunting). I have only sold at a few small events, and most of what I do are orders through word of mouth. Do let me know if you are interested. (I may need the ribbon that you forgot though)?! LOL xxx