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Friday, 21 May 2010

Polka Dots,jam and buttons wow

 Polka Dot Jam Jars Wow 

today when i got to the shop , there was a lovely big box waiting there for me 
i couldnt wait to open it and when i did i just felt sooooooo happy !
i may be a tiny bit sad but red polka dots !hehe!
i had so much fun putting them out in the shop right in the window and made me so happy when 
other people where coming in and where as happy as me to see them : - )
the jars would look lovely with home made jams in but i think even better with BUTTONS in
the jars are for sale now from here 
Hope you like them as much as me .. jade xxx


  1. ooohh now what could I do with these, I'm seeing a kitchen shelf with a row of them full of I'm not sure what....nuts, sweets, dried fruit, who knows ???

  2. same here , i think they are a thing you just have to have and think about what to use them for latter : - ) hehehe! xxx