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Sunday, 11 April 2010


i have been making some candles this weekend 
i put some in the shop yesterday and when i went there today and open the door the smell was sooooo lovely and it lasted all day , i cant wait to make some more now : - )
they will be on the webiste tonight to buy : - ) 


  1. They look great - I shall pop over to the shop later :-)

  2. hey helen thank you so much for all your lovely messages : - ) hope you have had a lovely weekend : - ) i try to find an email add to email you this afternoon ,but could find one ?!
    p&p on website is £1.75 flat rate sorry hadnt update web page : - ) xxxxxxx

  3. Thanks for that Jade - I know that I'd had a glass of wine but I thought I had lost the plot! I'm so glad that you're joining in the swap.xx

  4. These are lovely. I can't believe how talented you are.

  5. Hi I have just discovered your great blog and it is a treat to the eyes !!
    Best wishes
    Sue x