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Saturday, 10 April 2010

away for so long..

oh my it fills like i have been away from a computer for so very long ! my computer stopped working the other day and i have had nooooooo computer and it was not nice ...hehe!
but i went and got a web book for now till i can go and buy a new computer any way any way ,
last week i got some really great new wool felt on the roll yesssss whole rolls of felt but we only got 6 colours to start with , but as i havnt had a computer i could list them online so we just put them in the shop and sold them but here is a photo of 3 of the best selling colours so you can have a little look before i put them on our website and folksy , but i must say that there is not a lot left...! a trip to the whole salers again YAY : - ) 
today my lovely mummy looked after the shop for the whole afternoon why we went to get buttons 
we have so so many new buttons and i cant wait for you all to see them but they will not be online till tuesday evening as i need to photo them all.... i hope you are all going to like them we have mini mini buttons to very very large buttons oh what fun : - )

hope you all are having a lovely weekend and its been great to get back on the blog 
xxx  jade xxx


  1. What lovely goodies - I wish I lived close enough to visit the shop!I hope you don't mind me being cheeky but have you considered having a little giveaway? It may increase traffic to your site/web shops etc.? Also how much would I like to win something!!lol xx

  2. hello helen , great to hear from you , on my old blog i did do give aways and i will do some on here : - ) yay
    i will try and do one for next month thank you so much for reminding me
    take care jade xxx

  3. Lovely - I shall look forward to it! I popped over th your shop last night, your things are amazing. Just one thing, it states flat rate postage of £1.50, b ut when I tried to place an order it was charging me more? Thanks xx

  4. So nice to have you back I was missing hearing about the latest adventures in the shop. I was imagining all sort of reasons for your absence ...exotic holidays...won the lottery but no it was simply technology that kept you from us.

    Isn't it scary how much you miss your computer when its gone?


  5. clare you just to right , i wish it had been a holiday or winnings...hehe ! im happy to be back too ,thank you xx : - )