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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Now a stockist ...yay

This week has been a little mad but ohhh so much fun.. : - )
we now are a stockist of button patch lovely hand made craft bits and im so happy 
i have the 1st few photos of her lovely bits in our shop ..
and i think that they look so cute .. thank you clare for letting us at lilywhites stock your crafts..

some lovely hand made tea cosie with a tea pot on one side and a tea cup and cake on the other..
cute hand made cards and lovely hand made button patch canvas..



  1. I've just been looking at all your past posts and have totally fallen in love with your shop. I wish I lived a little nearer so I could come and see it for real. Just lovely.


  2. Wow I don't know what to say...Thank you, thank you for stocking my creations. I'm a bit teary seeing my little babies in your shop. Thank you for showing them on your blog and taking such beautiful photos. I of course I really hope you get a good response to them.


  3. Lucky you! Clare makes gorgeous things doesn't she?
    Wish I could come and have a sleepover in your lovely shop, I would need all night to have a really good look!
    Ali XX