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Sunday, 24 January 2010

bits and bobs

Today was a day of a bit of this and a bit of that in every room .......
i just couldnt stick to making one thing and making lots of it...
1st card making....in the kitchen

ok then soap making ... some lovely new lavender soap that just now needs to be cut into bars and packed.

then updating the website and emails..
then made some new kitty die cuts...have put some on cards

then last popped over to see the lovely pat (busy bee)
to pick up the new knitted bits she has made for the shop
they will all be listed to but from tuesday evening..
and i think it may be time for a bit of hand sewing now
see you all tomorrow : - )


  1. Wow you are busy, busy, busy. I love the Kitty cards and I also know a little girl who would too. Spookily you have the same wallpaper as me. Well I suppose its not that spooky but it spooked me out.

  2. I love your card making corner!! xx

  3. Your shop is beautiful! I love your Hello Kitty cards, cute :)